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Support Channels

The parent Support page contains a more comprehensive information on ways of getting support.

Email - Mailing Lists

For Bug Reports, Support Questions and Developer Discussion/Feature Request please subscribe to and use the following SourceForge mailing lists:

Bug Reports -

Support -

Developer Discussion/Feature Request -


You can send me messages on Twitter @RobVesse or if you tag your tweets with #dotnetrdf I'll see them in one of my TweetDeck columns

Q&A Websites

We frequent both StackOverflow and Answers so generally any question there which is tagged rdf, sparql or dotnetrdf will be seen by us

Email - Developers

You can contact me directly about dotNetRDF at the following email address. Please note that I much prefer to be contacted via the above mailing lists because then the whole community benefits from the discussion. Note that unless your question contains confidential information I will almost certainly CC any reply to the appropriate mailing list

Rob Vesse -


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