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The core library is available via NuGet - this is the easiest, and recommended way to add dotNetRDF to your project. Our Getting Started Guide will take you through writing your first lines of code.

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Our source code is on GitHub. If you have a question please raise it on StackOverflow with the dotnetrdf tag. If you find an issue you can fix, feel free to fork our repository and submit a pull request. If you find a problem you can't fix, you can report it on the issue tracker.

From the Blog

dotNetRDF 2.7.3 released

23 April 2022

We are pleased to announce a new dotNetRDF release today.


New Documentation Pages

08 May 2021

As we start to make more progress towards a 3.0 release I realized that there was a challenge looming for our documentation. Up to now the docs have been managed as a GitHub wiki in the main dotNetRDF repository. This has the advantage of being really easy to locate and to update and has served us pretty well for the last few years. However there are a couple of problems with using a wiki for the user docs.