A new bugfix version of the dotNetRDF library is now available for download.

This release fixes a couple of issues with the JSON-LD parser and enhances the RDFa parser.

FIX: The JSON-LD context processor has been updated to a stack overflow vulnnerability when processing remote contexts. As part of this change the default value of the RemoteContextLimit property of the JsonLdProcessorOptions has been changed from -1 (unlimited) to 10. The processor has also been modified to treat every repeat call to the same remote URL as counting towards this limit. Thanks to the dotNetRDF user who reported this.

FIX: Fix for the JSON-LD Framing processor to correctly handle a frame with multiple @reverse properties. Thanks to @huibertalblas for the bug report and fix. (#556)

ENHANCEMENT: The RDFa parser has been updated to be more conformant with the RDFa specs. By default the parser implements RDFa+(X)HTML processing and now passes all of the RDFa 1.1 test suite for the HTML, XHTML and XML host languages.

Change Log.

dotNetRDF 3.0.1 can be found here on NuGet and also on GitHub.