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VDS.RDF.Query.Datasets Namespace

Namespace for classes used to define a Dataset over which SPARQL Queries and Updates evaluated using the Leviathan engine operate.

Public classBaseDataset
Abstract Base Class for Datasets which provides implementation of Active and Default Graph management.
Public classBaseDemandDataset
Abstract Dataset wrapper implementation for datasets that can load graphs on demand.
Public classBaseImmutableDataset
Abstract Base Class for Immutable Datasets.
Public classBaseImmutableQuadDataset
Abstract Base class for immutable quad datasets.
Public classBaseQuadDataset
Abstract Base class of dataset designed around out of memory datasets where you rarely wish to load data into memory but simply wish to know which graph to look in for data.
Public classBaseTransactionalDataset
Abstract Base Class for Mutable Datasets that support Transactions.
Public classBaseTransactionalQuadDataset
Abstract Base class for quad datasets that support transactions.
Public classDatasetGraphCollection
A Graph Collection which wraps an ISparqlDataset implementation so it can be used as if it was a Graph Collection.
Public classFullTextIndexedDataset
A Full Text Indexed Dataset is a wrapper around another dataset and provides automatic full text indexing of data that is added and removed.
Public classInMemoryDataset
Represents an in-memory dataset (i.e. a InMemoryQueryableStore) for querying and updating using SPARQL.
Public classInMemoryQuadDataset
An in-memory dataset that operates in terms of quads, underlying storage is identical to a InMemoryDataset though this dataset should be more performant for queries that access named graphs frequently.
Public classWebDemandDataset
Implementation of a dataset wrapper which can load additional graphs from the web on demand.
Public classWrapperDataset
An abstract dataset wrapper that can be used to wrap another dataset and just modify some functionality i.e. provides a decorator over an existing dataset.
Public interfaceISparqlDataset
Interfaces for Datasets that SPARQL Queries and Updates can be applied to.
Public interfaceIThreadSafeDataset
Interface for SPARQL Datasets which also provide a Lock by which threading can be controlled.