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IGraphLiteralNode Interface

Interface for Graph Literal Nodes.

Namespace:  VDS.RDF
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public interface IGraphLiteralNode : INode, 
	IComparable<INode>, IComparable<IBlankNode>, IComparable<IGraphLiteralNode>, 
	IComparable<ILiteralNode>, IComparable<IUriNode>, IComparable<IVariableNode>, 
	IEquatable<INode>, IEquatable<IBlankNode>, IEquatable<IGraphLiteralNode>, 
	IEquatable<ILiteralNode>, IEquatable<IUriNode>, IEquatable<IVariableNode>, 
	ISerializable, IXmlSerializable

The IGraphLiteralNode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyGraph
Gets the Graph the Node belongs to.
(Inherited from INode.)
Public propertyGraphUri
Gets/Sets the Graph URI associated with a Node.
(Inherited from INode.)
Public propertyNodeType
Nodes have a Type.
(Inherited from INode.)
Public propertySubGraph
Gets the Sub-graph the Graph Literal represents.
Public methodCompareTo(T)
Compares the current instance with another object of the same type and returns an integer that indicates whether the current instance precedes, follows, or occurs in the same position in the sort order as the other object.
(Inherited from IComparableIBlankNode.)
Public methodCompareTo(T) (Inherited from IComparableIGraphLiteralNode.)
Public methodCompareTo(T) (Inherited from IComparableILiteralNode.)
Public methodCompareTo(T) (Inherited from IComparableINode.)
Public methodCompareTo(T) (Inherited from IComparableIUriNode.)
Public methodCompareTo(T) (Inherited from IComparableIVariableNode.)
Public methodEquals(T)
Indicates whether the current object is equal to another object of the same type.
(Inherited from IEquatableIBlankNode.)
Public methodEquals(T) (Inherited from IEquatableIGraphLiteralNode.)
Public methodEquals(T) (Inherited from IEquatableILiteralNode.)
Public methodEquals(T) (Inherited from IEquatableINode.)
Public methodEquals(T) (Inherited from IEquatableIUriNode.)
Public methodEquals(T) (Inherited from IEquatableIVariableNode.)
Public methodGetObjectData
Populates a SerializationInfo with the data needed to serialize the target object.
(Inherited from ISerializable.)
Public methodGetSchema
This method is reserved and should not be used. When implementing the IXmlSerializable interface, you should return ( in Visual Basic) from this method, and instead, if specifying a custom schema is required, apply the XmlSchemaProviderAttribute to the class.
(Inherited from IXmlSerializable.)
Public methodReadXml
Generates an object from its XML representation.
(Inherited from IXmlSerializable.)
Public methodToString
Gets the String representation of the Node.
(Inherited from INode.)
Public methodToString(INodeFormatter)
Gets the String representation of the Node formatted with the given Node formatter.
(Inherited from INode.)
Public methodToString(INodeFormatter, TripleSegment)
Gets the String representation of the Node formatted with the given Node formatter.
(Inherited from INode.)
Public methodWriteXml
Converts an object into its XML representation.
(Inherited from IXmlSerializable.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodAsDynamic
Dynamically wraps a node.
(Defined by DynamicExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodAsValuedNode
Takes a INode and converts it to a IValuedNode if it is not already an instance that implements the interface.
(Defined by ValuedNodeExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCopyNode(IGraph)Overloaded.
Copies a Node to the target Graph.
(Defined by Extensions.)
Public Extension MethodCopyNode(IGraph, Boolean)Overloaded.
Copies a Node to the target Graph.
(Defined by Extensions.)
Public Extension MethodIsListRoot
Gets whether a given Node is valid as a List Root, this does not guarantee that the list itself is valid simply that the Node appears to be the root of a list.
(Defined by Extensions.)
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