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UriLoaderLoad Method (IRdfHandler, Uri, IStoreReader, RdfHandlerCallback, Object)

Attempts to load a RDF dataset asynchronously from the given URI using a RDF Handler.

Namespace:  VDS.RDF.Parsing
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public static void Load(
	IRdfHandler handler,
	Uri u,
	IStoreReader parser,
	RdfHandlerCallback callback,
	Object state


Type: VDS.RDFIRdfHandler
RDF Handler to use.
Type: SystemUri
URI to attempt to get a RDF dataset from.
Type: VDS.RDFIStoreReader
Parser to use to parse the RDF dataset.
Type: VDS.RDFRdfHandlerCallback
Callback to invoke when the operation completes.
Type: SystemObject
State to pass to the callback.

If the parser parameter is set to null then this method attempts to select the relevant Store Parser based on the Content Type header returned in the HTTP Response.

If you know ahead of time the Content Type you can explicitly pass in the parser to use.

If the loading completes normally the callback will be invoked normally, if an error occurs it will be invoked and passed an instance of AsyncError as the state which contains details of the error and the original state.

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