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VDS.RDF.Nodes Namespace

Namespace for specialised node implementations and the IValuedNode interface, this is an extension of the INode interface that provides strongly typed access to the value of a node.

These implementations are primarily used internally in the SPARQL engine, however as these all derive from the standard INode implementations they can be used interchangeably with those if desired.

Public classBooleanNode
Valued Node representing boolean values.
Public classByteNode
Valued node representing a byte (8-bit unsigned integer).
Public classDateNode
Valued Node representing a Date value.
Public classDateTimeNode
Valued Node representing a Date Time value.
Public classDecimalNode
A Valued Node representing decimal nodes.
Public classDoubleNode
A Valued Node representing double values.
Public classFloatNode
A Valued Node representing float values.
Public classLongNode
A Valued Node with a Long value.
Public classNumericNode
A Valued Node with a numeric value.
Public classSignedByteNode
Value node representing a signed byte (8-bit signed integer).
Public classStringNode
Valued node whose value is a string or can only be converted to a string.
Public classTimeSpanNode
Valued Node representing a Time Span value.
Public classUnsignedLongNode
A Valued Node with a unsigned long value.
Public classValuedNodeExtensions
Extension Methods related to valued nodes.
Public interfaceIValuedNode
Interface for Valued Nodes.