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VDS.RDF.Parsing.Events Namespace

Namespace for Event classes which are used to support Event Based parsing of RDF syntaxes.
Public interfaceIEvent
Interface for parser events.
Public interfaceIEventGeneratorT
Interface for Event Generators.
Public interfaceIEventQueueT
Interface for implementing Event Queues which provide Bufferable wrappers to Event Generators.
Public interfaceIJitEventGeneratorT
Interface for Just-in-time event generators.
Public interfaceIPreProcessingEventGeneratorTEvent, TContext
Interface for pre-processing event generators.
Public interfaceIRdfAEvent
Interface for RDFa events.
Public interfaceIRdfXmlEvent
Interface for RDF/XML events as defined by the RDF/XML Specification.
Public interfaceIRdfXmlJitEventGenerator
Interface for RDF/XML event generators which generate events as required during the parsing process.
Public interfaceIRdfXmlPreProcessingEventGenerator
Interface for event generators which generate all RDF/XML events in one go prior to parsing taking place.