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VDS.RDF.Parsing.Events.RdfXml Namespace

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Public classAttributeEvent
An Event for representing Attributes of XML Node.
Public classBlankNodeIDEvent
Event for representing the need for a Blank Node.
Public classDomBasedEventGenerator
A DOM Based event generator for RDF/XML parser that uses System.Xml DOM to parse events.
Public classElementEvent
Event representing a Node from the XML Document.
Public classEndElementEvent
An Event for representing the End of Elements.
Public classLanguageAttributeEvent
An Event for representing Language Attributes of an XML Node.
Public classNamespaceAttributeEvent
An Event for representing Namespace Attributes of an XML Node.
Public classParseTypeAttributeEvent
An Event for representing rdf:parseType Attributes of an XML Node.
Public classPlainLiteralEvent
An Event for representing Plain Literals.
Public classQNameEvent
Event for representing QNames.
Public classRdfXmlEvent
Static Class which defines the Event Types for RDF/XML Events.
Public classRootEvent
Event representing the Root Node of the Document.
Public classStreamingEventGenerator
A JIT event generator for RDF/XML parsing that uses Streaming parsing to parse the events.
Public classTextEvent
Event for representing plain text content (XML Text Nodes).
Public classTypedLiteralEvent
An Event for representing Typed Literals.
Public classUriReferenceEvent
Event for representing URIRefs.
Public classXmlBaseAttributeEvent
An Event for representing xml:base attributes of XML Nodes.