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VDS.RDF.Query.Builder.Expressions Namespace

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Public classAggregateExpression
Represents a SPARQL aggregate.
Public classBlankNodeExpression
Represents a blank node RDF term expression.
Public classBooleanExpression
Represents a logical expression.
Public classIriExpression
Represents a IRI expression.
Public classLiteralExpression
Represents a literal expression.
Public classNumericExpression
Represents a numeric expression of undefined type.
Public classNumericExpressionT
Represents a numeric expression of known type.
Public classPrimaryExpressionTExpression
Represents a SPARQL expression (variable, function, operator, term or aggregate).
Public classRdfTermExpression
Represents a RDF term expression (IRI, literal or blank node).
Public classSparqlExpression
Represents a SPARQL expression which is not an aggregate.
Public classTypedLiteralExpressionT
Represents a typed literal.
Public classVariableExpression
Represents an expression, which evaluates to a variable.