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VDS.RDF.Update Namespace

Namespace for performing updates on Triple Stores using SPARQL Update.

This is a new part of the API introduced in the 0.3.0 release and adds support for using SPARQL to update Triple Stores. SPARQL Update is part of the new SPARQL 1.1 standard and provides syntax for inserting, modifying and deleting data as well as managing graphs in a store.

Public classExplainUpdateProcessor
An Update Processor that extends the Leviathan Engine to include explanations of the query portions of the Updates.
Public classGenericUpdateProcessor
SPARQL Update Processor which processes commands against a generic underlying store represented by an IStorageProvider implementation.
Public classLeviathanUpdateProcessor
Default SPARQL Update Processor provided by the library's Leviathan SPARQL Engine.
Public classRemoteUpdateProcessor
SPARQL Update Processor which processes updates by sending them to a remote SPARQL Update endpoint represented by a SparqlRemoteUpdateEndpoint instance.
Public classSimpleUpdateProcessor
SPARQL Update Processor which processes updates by handing them off to the ExecuteUpdate() method of an IUpdateableTripleStore.
Public classSparqlRemoteUpdateEndpoint
A Class for connecting to a remote SPARQL Update endpoint and executing Updates against it.
Public classSparqlUpdateCommand
Base Class of SPARQL Update Commands.
Public classSparqlUpdateCommandSet
Represents a sequence of SPARQL Update Commands to be executed on a Dataset.
Public classSparqlUpdateEvaluationContext
Evaluation Context for SPARQL Updates evaluated by the libraries Leviathan SPARQL Engine.
Public classSparqlUpdateException
Class of exceptions that may occur when performing SPARQL Updates.
Public classSparqlUpdateMalformedException
Class for representing malformed SPARQL Updates.
Public classSparqlUpdatePermissionException
Class for representing Permissions errors with SPARQL Updates.
Public classSparqlUpdateSpecsHelper
Static Helper class for providing constants, helper functions etc regarding the SPARQL Update specification.
Public classSparqlUpdateTimeoutException
Class for representing Timeout errors that occur while updating RDF using SPARQL.
Public interfaceISparqlUpdateProcessor
Interface for SPARQL Update Processors.
Public enumerationSparqlUpdateCommandType
Possible SPARQL Update Command Types.