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VDS.RDF.Update.Commands Namespace

Namespace containing classes which model SPARQL Update Commands. These can be used both to represent SPARQL Updates and to execute them over in-memory stores.

Public classAddCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update ADD Command.
Public classBaseModificationCommand
Abstract Base class for classes that represent SPARQL Update INSERT, DELETE and INSERT/DELETE commands.
Public classBaseTransferCommand
Abstract Base Class for SPARQL Update Commands which move data between Graphs.
Public classClearCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update CLEAR command.
Public classCopyCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update COPY Command.
Public classCreateCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update CREATE command.
Public classDeleteCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update DELETE command.
Public classDeleteDataCommand
Represents a SPARQL Update DELETE DATA command.
Public classDropCommand
Represents a SPARQL Update DROP command.
Public classInsertCommand
Represents a SPARQL Update INSERT command.
Public classInsertDataCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update INSERT DATA command.
Public classLoadCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update LOAD command.
Public classModifyCommand
Represents the SPARQL Update INSERT/DELETE command.
Public classMoveCommand
Represents a SPARQL Update MOVE Command.
Public enumerationClearMode
Mode by which to clear Graphs.