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ISparqlResultsHandler Interface

Interface for Handlers which handle the SPARQL Results produced by parsers.

Namespace:  VDS.RDF
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public interface ISparqlResultsHandler : INodeFactory

The ISparqlResultsHandler type exposes the following members.

Public methodCreateBlankNode
Creates a Blank Node with a new automatically generated ID.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateBlankNode(String)
Creates a Blank Node with the given Node ID.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateGraphLiteralNode
Creates a Graph Literal Node which represents the empty Subgraph.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateGraphLiteralNode(IGraph)
Creates a Graph Literal Node which represents the given Subgraph.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateLiteralNode(String)
Creates a Literal Node with the given Value.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateLiteralNode(String, String)
Creates a Literal Node with the given Value and Language.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateLiteralNode(String, Uri)
Creates a Literal Node with the given Value and Data Type.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateUriNode
Creates a URI Node for the given URI.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodCreateVariableNode
Creates a Variable Node for the given Variable Name.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodEndResults
Ends the Handling of Results.
Public methodGetNextBlankNodeID
Creates a new unused Blank Node ID and returns it.
(Inherited from INodeFactory.)
Public methodHandleBooleanResult
Handles a Boolean Result.
Public methodHandleResult
Handles a SPARQL Result.
Public methodHandleVariable
Handles a Variable Declaration.
Public methodStartResults
Starts the Handling of Results.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodApply
Applies the result set to a Results Handler.
(Defined by HandlerExtensions.)
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