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JsonLdProcessorOptions Class

A collection of options for setting up the JSON-LD processor.
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Namespace:  VDS.RDF.JsonLd
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public class JsonLdProcessorOptions

The JsonLdProcessorOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodJsonLdProcessorOptions
Initializes a new instance of the JsonLdProcessorOptions class
Public propertyBase
The base IRI to use when expanding or compacting the document.
Public propertyDocumentLoader
The callback of the loader to be used to retrieve remote documents and contexts.
Public propertyLoader Obsolete.
The callback of the loader to be used to retrieve remote documents and contexts.
Public propertyOmitGraph
GEt or set the value of the omit graph flag used in the Framing Algorithm.
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Public fieldCompactArrays
Flag indicating if arrays of one element should be replaced by the single value during compaction.
Public fieldCompactToRelative
Determines if IRIs are compacted relative to the base option or document location when compacting.
Public fieldEmbed
Sets the value object embed flag used in the Framing Algorithm.
Public fieldExpandContext
A context that is used to initialize the active context when expanding a document.
Public fieldExplicit
Sets the value explicit inclusion flag used in the Framing Algorithm.
Public fieldExtractAllScripts
Specifies whether HTML document processing should target all of the JSON-LD script elements in the document or not.
Public fieldFrameDefault
Instead of framing a merged graph, frame only the default graph.
Public fieldFrameExpansion
Specifies whether special frame expansion rules should be applied during expansion and/or RDF serialization.
Public fieldOmitDefault
Sets the value omit default flag used in the Framing Algorithm.
Public fieldOrdered
Specifies whether the processor should operate on properties in lexicographical order or not.
Public fieldProcessingMode
Get or set the processing model that the processor will use.
Public fieldProduceGeneralizedRdf
If set to true, the JSON-LD processor may emit blank nodes for triple predicates, otherwise they will be omitted.
Public fieldPruneBlankNodeIdentifiers Obsolete.
Removes @id from node objects where the value is a blank node identifier used only once within the document.
Public fieldRdfDirection
Get or set the method by which literal values containing a base direction are transformed to and from RDF.
Public fieldRemoteContextLimit
The maximum number of remote context references to load during processing.
Public fieldRequireAll
Sets the value require all flag used in the Framing Algorithm.
Public fieldUseNativeTypes
Get or set the flag that determines whether or not JSON native values should be used in literals.
Public fieldUseRdfType
Get or set the flag that controls the serialization of rdf:type properties when serializing RDF as JSON-LD.
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