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VDS.RDF.Query.Expressions Namespace

Namespace containing all the classes related to the execution of expressions in SPARQL queries. Any valid expression should be able to be modelled and executed using these clases.

Public classArqFunctionFactory
Expression Factory which generates ARQ Function expressions.
Public classBaseBinaryExpression
Abstract base class for Binary Expressions.
Public classBaseUnaryExpression
Abstract base class for Unary Expressions.
Public classFullTextFunctionFactory
A SPARQL Expression Factory reserved as a future extension point but not currently compiled or used.
Public classLeviathanFunctionFactory
Expression Factory which generates Leviathan Function expressions.
Public classPrimaryExpressionSubstituter
Abstract implementation of an Expression Transformer which substitutes primary expressions.
Public classSparqlBuiltInFunctionFactory
Expression Factory which generates SPARQL Function expressions.
Public classSparqlExpressionFactory
Factory Class for generating Expressions for Sparql Extension Functions.
Public classXPathFunctionFactory
Expression Factory which generates XPath Function expressions.
Public interfaceIExpressionTransformer
An Expression Transformer is a class that can traverse a SPARQL Expression tree and apply transformations to it.
Public interfaceISparqlCustomExpressionFactory
Interface for implementing SPARQL custom expression factories which turn URI specified functions into SPARQL Expressions.
Public interfaceISparqlExpression
Interface for SPARQL Expression Terms that can be used in Expression Trees while evaluating Sparql Queries.
Public enumerationSparqlExpressionType
SPARQL Expression Types.
Public enumerationSparqlNumericType
Numeric Types for Sparql Numeric Expressions.