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TriGWriter Class

Class for writing a Triple Store in named Graph TriG syntax to a file/stream.
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Namespace:  VDS.RDF.Writing
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public class TriGWriter : IStoreWriter, IHighSpeedWriter, 
	IPrettyPrintingWriter, ICompressingWriter, IMultiThreadedWriter

The TriGWriter type exposes the following members.

Public methodTriGWriter
Initializes a new instance of the TriGWriter class
Public propertyCompressionLevel
Gets/Sets the Compression Level for the writer.
Public propertyHighSpeedModePermitted
Gets/Sets whether High Speed Write Mode is permitted.
Public propertyN3CompatabilityMode
Gets/Sets whether N3 Compatability Mode is used, in this mode an = is written after Graph Names so an N3 parser can read the TriG file correctly.
Public propertyPrettyPrintMode
Gets/Sets whether Pretty Printing is used.
Public propertyUseMultiThreadedWriting
Gets/Sets whether multi-threaded writing will be used to generate output faster.
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Public methodSave(ITripleStore, TextWriter)
Saves a Store in TriG (Turtle with Named Graphs) format.
Public methodSave(ITripleStore, String)
Saves a Store in TriG (Turtle with Named Graphs) format.
Public methodSave(ITripleStore, TextWriter, Boolean)
Saves a Store in TriG (Turtle with Named Graphs) format.
Public methodToString
Gets the String representation of the writer which is a description of the syntax it produces.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public eventWarning
Event which is raised when there is an issue with the Graphs being serialized that doesn't prevent serialization but the user should be aware of

For efficiency the TriG Writer splits it's writing over several threads (currently 4), these threads share a reference to a Context object which gives Global writing context eg. the target TextWriter being written to. Each thread generates temporary local writing contexts as it goes along, each of these is scoped to writing a specific Graph. Graphs are written to a StringWriter so the output for each Graph is built completely and then written in one go to the TextWriter specified as the target of the writing in the global context.

Thread Safety
Designed to be Thread Safe - should be able to call Save() from several threads with no issue. See Remarks for potential performance impact of this.
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