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LeviathanQueryProcessor Class

Default SPARQL Query Processor provided by the library's Leviathan SPARQL Engine.
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Namespace:  VDS.RDF.Query
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public class LeviathanQueryProcessor : ISparqlQueryProcessor, 
	ISparqlQueryAlgebraProcessor<BaseMultiset, SparqlEvaluationContext>

The LeviathanQueryProcessor type exposes the following members.

Public methodLeviathanQueryProcessor(IInMemoryQueryableStore)
Creates a new Leviathan Query Processor.
Public methodLeviathanQueryProcessor(ISparqlDataset)
Creates a new Leviathan Query Processor.
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Protected methodGetContext
Creates a new Evaluation Context.
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Public methodProcessAlgebra
Processes SPARQL Algebra.
Public methodProcessAsk
Processes an Ask.
Public methodProcessBgp
Processes a BGP.
Public methodProcessBindings
Processes a Bindings modifier.
Public methodProcessDistinct
Processes a Distinct modifier.
Public methodProcessExistsJoin
Processes an Exists Join.
Public methodProcessExtend
Processes an Extend.
Public methodProcessFilter
Processes a Filter.
Public methodProcessGraph
Processes a Graph.
Public methodProcessGroupBy
Processes a Group By.
Public methodProcessHaving
Processes a Having.
Public methodProcessJoin
Processes a Join.
Public methodProcessLeftJoin
Processes a LeftJoin.
Public methodProcessMinus
Processes a Minus.
Public methodProcessNegatedPropertySet
Processes a Negated Property Set.
Public methodProcessNullOperator
Processes a Null Operator.
Public methodProcessOneOrMorePath
Processes a One or More Path.
Public methodProcessOrderBy
Processes an Order By.
Public methodProcessPropertyPath
Processes a Property Path.
Public methodProcessQuery(SparqlQuery)
Processes a SPARQL Query.
Public methodProcessQuery(IRdfHandler, ISparqlResultsHandler, SparqlQuery)
Processes a SPARQL Query sending the results to a RDF/SPARQL Results handler as appropriate.
Public methodProcessQuery(SparqlQuery, GraphCallback, SparqlResultsCallback, Object)
Processes a SPARQL Query asynchronously invoking the relevant callback when the query completes.
Public methodProcessQuery(IRdfHandler, ISparqlResultsHandler, SparqlQuery, QueryCallback, Object)
Processes a SPARQL Query asynchronously passing the results to the relevant handler and invoking the callback when the query completes.
Public methodProcessReduced
Processes a Reduced modifier.
Public methodProcessSelect
Processes a Select.
Public methodProcessSelectDistinctGraphs
Processes a Select Distinct Graphs.
Public methodProcessService
Processes a Service.
Public methodProcessSlice
Processes a Slice modifier.
Public methodProcessSubQuery
Processes a Subquery.
Public methodProcessUnion
Processes a Union.
Public methodProcessUnknownOperator
Processes a Unknown Operator.
Public methodProcessZeroLengthPath
Processes a Zero Length Path.
Public methodProcessZeroOrMorePath
Processes a Zero or More Path.
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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The Leviathan Query Processor simply invokes the Evaluate method of the SPARQL Algebra it is asked to process.

In future releases much of the Leviathan Query engine logic will be moved into this class to make it possible for implementors to override specific bits of the algebra processing but this is not possible at this time.

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