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VDS.RDF.Query Namespace

Namespace for Query Classes which provide querying capabilities on RDF.

Query capabilities are centered around support for the SPARQL standard. You can execute full SPARQL 1.1 queries over in-memory data or submit queries to remote SPARQL endpoints.

Public classBaseSparqlView
Abstract Base class for SPARQL Views which are Graphs which are generated from SPARQL Queries and get automatically updated when the Store they are attached to changes.
Public classBindingGroup
Represents an Group of Bindings which is used when executing Queries with GROUP BY clauses.
Public classExplainQueryProcessor
A Query Processor which evaluates queries while printing explanations to any/all of Debug, Trace, Console Standard Output and Console Standard Error.
Public classFederatedSparqlRemoteEndpoint
A Class for connecting to multiple remote SPARQL Endpoints and federating queries over them with the data merging done locally.
Public classFullTextHelper
Helper Class containing constants and static functions for use with Full Text Search.
Public classGenericQueryProcessor
A SPARQL Query Processor where the query is processed by passing it to the Query() method of an IQueryableStorage.
Public classLeviathanLeftJoinBinder
Special Temporary Results Binder used during LeftJoin's.
Public classLeviathanQueryProcessor
Default SPARQL Query Processor provided by the library's Leviathan SPARQL Engine.
Public classLeviathanResultBinder
Results Binder used by Leviathan.
Public classNativeSparqlView
Represents a SPARQL View over an arbitrary native Triple Store.
Public classPelletQueryProcessor
A SPARQL Query Processor which processes queries by parsing them to the SPARQL Query Service of a Knowledge Base on a Pellet Server.
Public classQueryProcessorBase
Provides a default implementation of the methods that allow a query processor to run asynchronously with a results callback.
Public classRdfQueryException
Class for representing errors that occur while querying RDF.
Public classRdfQueryTimeoutException
Class for representing Timeout errors that occur while querying RDF.
Public classRdfReasoningException
Class for representing Exceptions occurring in RDF reasoners.
Public classRemoteQueryProcessor
A SPARQL Query Processor where the query is processed by passing it to a remote SPARQL endpoint.
Public classSimpleQueryProcessor
A SPARQL Query Processor where the query is processed by passing it to the ExecuteQuery() method of an INativelyQueryableStore.
Public classSparqlEvaluationContext
Stores information about the Evaluation of a Query during it's evaluation.
Public classSparqlNodeComparer
Comparer class for implementing the SPARQL semantics for the relational operators.
Public classSparqlOrderingComparer
Comparer class for use in SPARQL ORDER BY - implements the Semantics broadly similar to the relational operator but instead of erroring using Node/Lexical ordering where an error would occur it makes an appropriate decision.
Public classSparqlParameterizedString
A SPARQL Parameterized String is a String that can contain parameters in the same fashion as a SQL command string.
Public classSparqlQuery
Represents a SPARQL Query.
Public classSparqlRemoteEndpoint
A Class for connecting to a remote SPARQL Endpoint and executing Queries against it.
Public classSparqlResult
Class for representing a Row of a Sparql Result Set.
Public classSparqlResultBinder
Helper Class used in the execution of Sparql Queries.
Public classSparqlResultSet
Class for representing Sparql Result Sets.
Public classSparqlSpecsHelper
Class containing Helper information and methods pertaining to the Sparql Query Language for RDF.
Public classSparqlVariable
Class of Sparql Variables.
Public classSparqlView
Represents a SPARQL View over an in-memory store.
Public delegateSparqlRemoteEndpointAsyncQueryWithResultGraph
Delegate for making a Query where the expected Result is an RDF Graph ie. CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE Queries.
Public delegateSparqlRemoteEndpointAsyncQueryWithResultSet
Makes a Query where the expected Result is a SparqlResultSet ie. SELECT and ASK Queries.
Public enumerationExplanationLevel
Represents the level of Query Explanation that is desired.
Public enumerationSparqlQueryType
Types of SPARQL Query.
Public enumerationSparqlResultsType
Represents the type of the SPARQL Results Set.
Public enumerationSparqlSpecialQueryType
Types of Special SPARQL Query which may be optimised in special ways by the libraries SPARQL Engines.