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SparqlUpdateCommandSet Class

Represents a sequence of SPARQL Update Commands to be executed on a Dataset.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VDS.RDF.Update
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public class SparqlUpdateCommandSet

The SparqlUpdateCommandSet type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlgebraOptimisers
Gets/Sets the Algebra Optimisers to be applied to portions of updates that require queries to be made.
Public propertyBaseUri
Gets/Sets the Base URI for the Command Set.
Public propertyCommandCount
Gets the number of Commands in the set.
Public propertyCommands
Gets the enumeration of Commands in the set.
Public propertyItem
Gets the Command at the given index.
Public propertyNamespaceMap
Gets the Namespace Map for the Command Set.
Public propertyTimeout
Gets/Sets the Timeout in milliseconds for the execution of the Updates.
Public propertyUpdateExecutionTime
Gets/Sets the Time the updates took to execute.
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Public methodOptimise
Optimises the Commands in the Command Set.
Public methodOptimise(IQueryOptimiser)
Optimises the Commands in the Command Set.
Public methodProcess
Processes the Command Set using the given Update Processor.
Public methodToString
Gets the String representation of the Command Set.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
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