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ISparqlQueryAlgebraProcessorTResult, TContext Methods

The ISparqlQueryAlgebraProcessorTResult, TContext generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodProcessAlgebra
Processes SPARQL Algebra.
Public methodProcessAsk
Processes an Ask.
Public methodProcessBgp
Processes a BGP.
Public methodProcessBindings
Processes a Bindings modifier.
Public methodProcessDistinct
Processes a Distinct modifier.
Public methodProcessExistsJoin
Processes an Exists Join.
Public methodProcessExtend
Processes an Extend.
Public methodProcessFilter
Processes a Filter.
Public methodProcessGraph
Processes a Graph.
Public methodProcessGroupBy
Processes a Group By.
Public methodProcessHaving
Processes a Having.
Public methodProcessJoin
Processes a Join.
Public methodProcessLeftJoin
Processes a LeftJoin.
Public methodProcessMinus
Processes a Minus.
Public methodProcessNegatedPropertySet
Processes a Negated Property Set.
Public methodProcessNullOperator
Processes a Null Operator.
Public methodProcessOneOrMorePath
Processes a One or More Path.
Public methodProcessOrderBy
Processes an Order By.
Public methodProcessPropertyPath
Processes a Property Path.
Public methodProcessReduced
Processes a Reduced modifier.
Public methodProcessSelect
Processes a Select.
Public methodProcessSelectDistinctGraphs
Processes a Select Distinct Graphs.
Public methodProcessService
Processes a Service.
Public methodProcessSlice
Processes a Slice modifier.
Public methodProcessSubQuery
Processes a subquery.
Public methodProcessUnion
Processes a Union.
Public methodProcessUnknownOperator
Processes an Unknown Operator.
Public methodProcessZeroLengthPath
Processes a Zero Length Path.
Public methodProcessZeroOrMorePath
Processes a Zero or More Path.
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