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ISparqlQueryAlgebraProcessorTResult, TContext Interface

Interface for SPARQL Query Algebra Processors.

Namespace:  VDS.RDF.Query
Assembly:  dotNetRDF (in dotNetRDF.dll) Version:
public interface ISparqlQueryAlgebraProcessor<TResult, TContext>

Type Parameters

Type of intermediate results produced by processing an Algebra operator.
Type of context object providing evaluation context.

The ISparqlQueryAlgebraProcessorTResult, TContext type exposes the following members.

Public methodProcessAlgebra
Processes SPARQL Algebra.
Public methodProcessAsk
Processes an Ask.
Public methodProcessBgp
Processes a BGP.
Public methodProcessBindings
Processes a Bindings modifier.
Public methodProcessDistinct
Processes a Distinct modifier.
Public methodProcessExistsJoin
Processes an Exists Join.
Public methodProcessExtend
Processes an Extend.
Public methodProcessFilter
Processes a Filter.
Public methodProcessGraph
Processes a Graph.
Public methodProcessGroupBy
Processes a Group By.
Public methodProcessHaving
Processes a Having.
Public methodProcessJoin
Processes a Join.
Public methodProcessLeftJoin
Processes a LeftJoin.
Public methodProcessMinus
Processes a Minus.
Public methodProcessNegatedPropertySet
Processes a Negated Property Set.
Public methodProcessNullOperator
Processes a Null Operator.
Public methodProcessOneOrMorePath
Processes a One or More Path.
Public methodProcessOrderBy
Processes an Order By.
Public methodProcessPropertyPath
Processes a Property Path.
Public methodProcessReduced
Processes a Reduced modifier.
Public methodProcessSelect
Processes a Select.
Public methodProcessSelectDistinctGraphs
Processes a Select Distinct Graphs.
Public methodProcessService
Processes a Service.
Public methodProcessSlice
Processes a Slice modifier.
Public methodProcessSubQuery
Processes a subquery.
Public methodProcessUnion
Processes a Union.
Public methodProcessUnknownOperator
Processes an Unknown Operator.
Public methodProcessZeroLengthPath
Processes a Zero Length Path.
Public methodProcessZeroOrMorePath
Processes a Zero or More Path.
A SPARQL Query Algebra Processor is a class which knows how to evaluate the.
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