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VDS.RDF.Parsing Namespace

Namespace for Parsing classes and variety of supporting Classes.

Classes here are primarily implementations of IRdfReader with some implementations of IStoreReader and a few other specialised classes.

Has child namespaces Events and Tokens for supporting Event and Token based Parsing.

Public classBaseGZipDatasetParser
Abstract Base Class for parsers that handle GZipped input.
Public classBaseGZipParser
Abstract Base class for RDF parsers which can read GZipped input.
Public classBaseGZipResultsParser
Abstract Base class for Results parser that read GZipped input.
Public classBlockingTextReader
The BlockingTextReader is an implementation of a BufferedTextReader designed to wrap other readers which may or may not have high latency and thus ensures that premature end of input bug is not experienced.
Public classBufferedTextReader
Abstract class representing a text reader that provides buffering on top of another text reader.
Public classDataUriLoader
A Class for parsing RDF data from Data URIs.
Public classEmbeddedResourceLoader
Static Helper Class for loading Graphs and Triple Stores from Embedded Resources.
Public classFileLoader
Static Helper Class for loading RDF Files into Graphs/Triple Stores.
Public classGZippedJsonLdParser
Parser for oading GZipped JSON-LD.
Public classGZippedNotation3Parser
Parser for loading GZipped Notation 3.
Public classGZippedNQuadsParser
Parser for loading GZipped NQuads.
Public classGZippedNTriplesParser
Parser for loading GZipped NTriples.
Public classGZippedRdfAParser
Parser for loading GZipped RDFa.
Public classGZippedRdfJsonParser
Parser for loading GZipped RDF/JSON.
Public classGZippedRdfXmlParser
Parser for loading GZipped RDF/XML.
Public classGZippedSparqlCsvParser
Parser for GZipped SPARQL CSV.
Public classGZippedSparqlJsonParser
Parser for GZipped SPARQL JSON.
Public classGZippedSparqlTsvParser
Parser for GZipped SPARQL TSV.
Public classGZippedSparqlXmlParser
Parser for GZipped SPARQL XML.
Public classGZippedTriGParser
Parser for loading GZipped TriG.
Public classGZippedTriXParser
Parser for loading GZipped TriX.
Public classGZippedTurtleParser
Parser for loading GZipped Turtle.
Public classIriSpecsHelper
Static Helper class which can be used to validate IRIs according to. RFC 3987
Public classJsonLdParser
Parser for JSON-LD 1.0/1.1.
Public classLanguageTag
Provides methods for working with BCP 47 language tags
Public classNonBlockingTextReader
The NonBlockingTextReader is an implementation of a BufferedTextReader designed to wrap other readers where latency is known not to be a problem and we don't expect to ever have an empty read occur before the actual end of the stream.
Public classNotation3Parser
Parser for Notation 3 syntax.
Public classNQuadsParser
Parser for parsing NQuads (NTriples with an additional Context i.e. Named Graphs).
Public classNTriplesParser
Parser for NTriples syntax.
Public classParserHelper
Static Helper class containing useful methods for Parsers.
Public classParsingTextReader
An extended TextReader for use in parsing.
Public classPositionInfo
Represents Position Information from Parsers.
Public classRdfAParser
Class for reading RDF embedded as RDFa from within HTML web pages.
Public classRdfAParserBaseTHtmlDocument, TElement, TNode, TAttribute
Base class for the framework-specific RDFa parser implementations.
Public classRdfJsonParser
Parser for RDF/JSON Syntax.
Public classRdfParseException
Class for representing errors in parsing RDF.
Public classRdfParserSelectionException
Class for representing errors in selecting an appropriate parser to parse RDF with.
Public classRdfParsingTerminatedException
Class for representing that a parser has been terminated by a IRdfHandler.
Public classRdfSpecsHelper
Helper class with useful constants relating to the RDF Specification.
Public classRdfThreadedParsingException
Class of exceptions that may occur when doing multi-threaded parsing of RDF.
Public classRdfXmlParser
Parser for RDF/XML syntax.
Public classRdfXmlSpecsHelper
Static Helper class for providing Constants and Helper functions for use by RDF/XML parsers.
Public classSparqlBooleanParser
Parser for SPARQL Boolean results as Plain Text.
Public classSparqlCsvParser
Parser for reading SPARQL Results that have been serialized in the SPARQL Results CSV format.
Public classSparqlJsonParser
Parser for SPARQL Results JSON Format.
Public classSparqlQueryParser
Class for parsing SPARQL Queries into SparqlQuery objects that can be used to query a Graph or Triple Store.
Public classSparqlRdfParser
Parser for reading SPARQL Results which have been encoded in the RDF schema for Result Sets and serialized as RDF.
Public classSparqlTsvParser
Parser for reading SPARQL Results that have been serialized in the SPARQL Results TSV format.
Public classSparqlUpdateParser
Class for parsing SPARQL Update commands into SparqlUpdateCommandSet objects that can be used to modify a Triple Store.
Public classSparqlXmlParser
Parser for SPARQL Results XML Format.
Public classStringParser
Static Helper Class which allows raw strings of RDF/SPARQL Results to be parsed directly.
Public classTermMappings
Represents a dynamic vocabulary for RDFa.
Public classTriGParser
Parser for parsing TriG (Turtle with Named Graphs) RDF Syntax into a Triple Store.
Public classTriXParser
Parser for parsing TriX (a named Graph XML format for RDF).
Public classTurtleParser
Parser for Turtle syntax.
Public classTurtleSpecsHelper
Helper function relating to the Turtle Specifications.
Public classUnicodeSpecsHelper
Helper Class which defines some Test Functions for testing the Unicode Category of Characters.
Public classUriLoader
Static Helper Class for dereferencing URIs and attempting to parse the results of a HTTP GET request to the URI into RDF.
Public classVirtuosoReader
Class for reading RDF Graphs from a Virtuoso Native Quad Store into arbitrary Graphs.
Public classXHtmlRdfAVocabulary
Vocabulary for XHTML+RDFa (and HTML+RDFa).
Public classXmlSpecsHelper
Static Helper Class which contains a set of Functions which model Name and Character validations as laid out in the W3C XML and XML Namespaces specification.
Public interfaceIRdfAVocabulary
Interface for RDFa Vocabularies.
Public interfaceITokenisingParser
Interface for parsers that use token based parsing.
Public interfaceITraceableParser
Interface for Parsers that support Parser Tracing.
Public interfaceITraceableTokeniser
Interface for Parsers that support Tokeniser Tracing.
Public interfaceIUriLoaderCache
Interface for Caches that can be used to cache the result of loading Graphs from URIs.
Public enumerationNQuadsSyntax
Possible NQuads Syntax modes.
Public enumerationNTriplesSyntax
Possible NTriples syntax modes.
Public enumerationRdfASyntax
Possible RDFa Syntaxes.
Public enumerationRdfXmlParserMode
Possible RDF/XML Parser Modes.
Public enumerationRdfXmlParseType
Possible RDF/XML Parse Types.
Public enumerationSparqlQuerySyntax
Available Query Syntaxes.
Public enumerationTriGSyntax
Acceptable TriG syntaxes.
Public enumerationTurtleSyntax
Acceptable Turtle syntaxes.